Graceful Family is about a family that is ANYTHING but graceful. It is a crazy ride about corruption, murder, secrets and family drama. It is a juicy makjang with strong personalities who are constantly at each other's throats, trying to get the upperhand over other family members. You, as the audience, have no idea how low a character will go to get ahead. You really can't predict what will happen with this drama. No character in this drama is absolutely 100% good. This is why the kpop song I chose to pair with this drama is PERFECT!

Graceful Family

This classic kpop song is PERFECT to be paired with this drama. Crazy by 4Minute

Even the title is fitting! Crazy by 4Minute speaks directly to what the audience is thinking about this drama and also is fitting with the main female lead. As I said above, Graceful Family is a CRAZY ride hence why the title of this song stood out to me. It is a not so CRAZY (haha bad joke) pairing when you dive a little bit into the lyrics and the visuals of the video. The main female lead in this drama is a strong and stubborn woman who doesn't care what the public or her family thinks of her. She does her own thing. The lyrics of this song literally talk about you as a woman should go out, have fun and not care what everyone thinks. Be that crazy girl that people will gossip about. That is exactly what the female lead does in this drama which is why it is a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

What do you think of the pairing? Does the song and drama fit well together? What other songs might fit well with Graceful Family? Any other dramas that would pair well with Crazy by 4Minute? COMMENT BELOW YOUR THOUGHTS! We want to know your opinions.

Have you seen our choice for the August MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN?

What does Jenn, Karen & Marisa think of Graceful Family? Check out this week's Weekly Watchlist to find out!

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