Strong Female Leads - Gotta Love Them

One of the best things about the just ended kdrama Search: WWW is that the female leads were front and center and they are not your stereotypical female leads. They were strong and assertive. They knew what they wanted and DAMN, they are going to get it. They did not back down from stating their opinion in both professional and private settings. They were the modern woman.

SEARCH: WWW has ended and we will miss those 3 women on our screens every week but DON'T WORRY! Here is a list of 5 more dramas that feature STRONG Female leads that you will love to watch!

Before I start the list, just want to say that I have only included dramas that I have personally seen and I chose to only to do 5 dramas so OBVIOUSLY there will be dramas that aren't on this list...BUT THAT MEANS WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU IN THE COMMENTS!

1) STRANGER - Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na)

Han Yeo Jin is a strong, quirky cop who has a strong sense of duty. She is a fighter, fearless in her pursuit for justice and the only female cop in her division. She trusts in the system so if she has to face the fact of weeding out corruption even within her own department, you can see it hurts her. This is what makes her a strong female lead and very dynamic on screen. She is empathetic towards victims but ruthless when it comes to locking up the bad guys. Did I mention she can fight?

2) MISTY - Go Hye Ran (Kim Nam Joo)

I know, I know....#MistyRage BUT you can't deny that Go Hye Ran was a STRONG female lead. She is a woman who fought her way to the top and now has to fight to stay there. She is a genius when it comes to her job and doesn't back down from a fight. If you cross her, you better WATCH OUT! She is blunt, fierce and unapologetic. She also can be vulnerable at times but DEFINITELY does it behind closed doors. I felt empowered just watching this drama. Also she can rock a pant suit like nobody's business!

3) STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON - Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young)

You can't have this list without having LITERALLY a strong woman on this list. Do Bong Soon has supernatural powers that gives her super strength. This allows a petite woman to fight against gangsters, lift men over her shoulders and dent a frying pan when used as a weapon. This drama also shows strength by Do Bong Soon learning to accept her super strength and to realize that just because she is super strong, doesn't mean she is any less of a woman. She doesn't need to change in any way for a man, that she will find a man that accepts her for who she is.

4) COME AND HUG ME - Han Jae Yi (Jin Ki Joo)

Han Jae Yi shows a lot of inner strength. She goes through the most horrific thing as a child and has to live with/deal with that experience for the rest of her life. As an adult, she has to live with the stigma of being labeled as the daughter of murdered parents and the added on label of having her parents killed by a famous serial killer. She is trying to move on and not live with that label, even changing her name so she can live as much of a normal life as possible and try to have a career. Han Jae Yi is also a strong female lead because she has to face her past again as an adult in every way. That takes a lot of strength to overcome not once but twice in one lifetime.

5) TERIUS BEHIND ME - Go Ae Rin (Jung In Sun)

Being a mother is hard. Go Ae Rin's life is flipped upside down suddenly when she becomes a widow overnight and has to raise her 2 children by herself. She has to find a job after being a stay at home mother for years and figure everything out by herself. All while not allowing her children to see her break down. She really doesn't even have very long to mourn her husbands' death because of her 2 children. The way that Go Ae Rin attacks these obstacles shows a lot of strength of character. Add on the fact that you hire a retired spy as your nanny and that brings on A WHOLE NEW SET OF PROBLEMS!

6) SEARCH:WWW - Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung), Cha Hyun (Lee Da Hee), Song Ga Kyung (Jeon Hye Jin)

If you like strong female leads, you need to be watching this drama! All three of these women are the epitome of a strong female lead in both their professional and private lives. They are blunt and don't back down from their beliefs. They speak their minds and let it be known that they will live their best lives. If the people in their lives don't like it, they don't care and they don't need these people who don't accept them as they are. These three women would like a man in their lives but not if that man doesn't allow them to live as they want and accept them as they are. GO WATCH IT!!

What other strong female leads should be on this list? Do you agree with my list? We want to hear from you - comment below and tell us your thoughts.

As Jenn said in her interview - "women are putting it to the patriarchy with a nice dose of humor!"

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