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TheKThree have been running their YouTube Channel and website for about a year now. I want to do this small series to catch up with them individually and/or introduce them to newcomers to the site and YouTube Channel.


Today we are talking to Jenn.

1) Introduce yourself, first kdrama, why you liked it, what made you watch it in the first place and what about it made you want to check out more kdramas?

HI I'M JENN :) Descendants of the Sun - it was just so different than the US shows I had been watching. The Male leads had actual emotions not just the ’DUDE’ thing we always get here in the states. And I suddenly realized that I knew NOTHING about South Korea and started googling and well…the rest, as they say, is history! 

2) What made you guys want to start TheKThree?  What led up to the creation of the channel?

We loved getting together & talking about KDramas. And I really wanted to crack the YouTube nut for production purposes. So it was a perfect fit.

3) Favorite Kdrama Actor and/or Kdrama Actress?

ooooh that is really tough one. it all depends on what i’m watching!! If I had to pick just one actor probably Jin Goo brings me the most overall satisfaction. I also have a very soft spot for Lee Sang Yoon and will sit through just about anything he’s in [yes even ABOUT TIME ] And I find I cannot ever seem to say no to Hyun Bin.  

Actresses? Bae Doona is my #1 [but there are many I am always excited to watch: Shin Hye Sun, Lee Da Hee, Son Ye Jin, Park Bo Young, Nana, Ye Ji Won, Kim Ji Won…I know I’m missing so many!]

4) If you had to watch one network and its dramas for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

UGH. This is so hard! Probably tvN. They have a little of everything & usually have decent quality…but each cable network has their charm. So for sure a cable network.

5) Favorite genre of kdrama and why?

I enjoy any genre where the women are putting it to the patriarchy with a nice dose of humor!  My personal favorite genre is SciFi/Fantasy but so far I haven’t been hooked on any Kdrama’s that try that one. Though Hotel Del Luna may just do it! 

6) Do you have a guilty pleasure trope?  If so what and why?

I’m a sucker for a good Noona romance. Because a single girl can dream right?  

7) What is the first thing you notice when watching a kdrama?  Cinematography? Music? Visuals of the actors?  Plot? Dialogue? etc.

Acting & script. For me without those (sometimes it’s JUST the Acting or JUST the script)…that gorgeous overhead shot or fantastic action sequence is just NOT gonna do it. 

8) What advice would you give for new comers to your channel and to kdramas?

The best part about KDrama is there is something for everyone! That’s what I love so much about doing the Weekly Watchlist & Can’t Wait To Watch we get to share with everyone allllll the different genres, stories, styles - we don’t have to stick to just one thing! It’s like an all you can eat platter of content goodness. 

9) You have been doing this for about a year now?  What have you learned?  What have you valued from the experience?  What has been the most fun?

Yep it was a year back in March! What have I learned…hooo boy. Well putting out a weekly show is more work than originally thought 🤣 Also that KDrama fans really are so much fun! They just want to share the love of their favorite show/actor/moment because it spoke to them & that is what makes TV so universal. And that's what I love about Television in general.

And it must be said…Astrology Corner brings me a ridiculous amount of joy 🤩

10) What do you see for the future of TheKThree?

I would love for The KThree to build an audience that allows us to become a LOUD voice on YouTube for the KDrama fan. When that happens we can hopefully grow with more content & maybe even access to the SK productions/actors/writers etc. One of the coolest things is the fact that we have so many international viewers & it would be fantastic if we could get our show subbed in to those various languages to make it more inclusive.


There you have it! We will be talking to Karen and Marissa at a later date but do you have any questions for Jenn? Do you want more information or background on one of her answers? Do you have any questions for TheKThree as a whole?

We want to hear your thoughts and questions so comment below and look forward to more THEKTHREE interviews soon! BYE!

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