Celebrating the hard work that The KThree has done running their Youtube Channel and Website, this little series is to catch up with them individually and/or introduce them to newcomers to the site and YouTube Channel. We talked with Jenn last week.



1) Introduce yourselves, first kdrama, why you liked it, what made you watch it in the first place and what about it made you want to check out more kdramas?

Hi, I’m Marisa. My first KDrama was Descendants of the Sun. I have vivid memories of bingeing it at 2am, desperate to watch the next episode! I watched it just after the U.S. Presidential election and I needed a distraction, and I wasn’t finding any solace in my usual books. DOTS came up as a Netflix recommendation so I started it and immediately fell down the rabbit hole. I thought it was a buddy cop type of show, then it turned into a hospital soap opera and by the time the helicopter landed on the roof and Song Joong Ki looked back at Song Hye Kyo, I WAS HOOKED! Plus, being an Asian-Canadian-American I was smitten by watching a Korean series. DOTS had so much of everything and gah, that soundtrack!

2) What made you guys want to start TheKThree? What led up to the creation of the channel?

The KThree began because of Jenn. I didn’t know her well (I knew Karen and she introduced me to Jenn once we discovered our mutual So Ji Sub attraction) and frankly, when she first proposed starting a YouTube channel my reaction was “uh, no.” But I had worked as a TV producer for over 10 years (mostly at MTV), so I was intrigued by starting something on YouTube. And lord knows, we can talk about KDramas forever.

3) Favorite Kdrama Actor and/or Kdrama Actress?

Isn’t it great that we have so many to love? But in having to choose one male and female, I’ll go with:

Actor: Jang Hyuk. I like how bold he is. You can see how he fully commits to his characters.

Actress: Son Ye Jin. She’s incredibly talented and compelling on screen. Her projects are always A+.

4) If you had to watch one network and its dramas for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

What? Why one? The beauty of KDramas is that with the 16 or 20 episode formats, there is a constant churn of new series. If pressed, I could narrow it down to TVN or JTBC or OCN. I refuse to give up anything!

5) Favorite genre of kdrama and why?

I love a procedural drama. Police, the law, attorneys, investigators…love them! Stranger/Secret Forest with Bae Doona and Cho Seung Woo is one of the best tv series I have ever watched, in any language! As is the Korean remake of Life on Mars with Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong.

6) Do you have a guilty pleasure trope? If so what and why?

Hmmm…so many! I’d say the contract marriage. And in the short time I’ve been watching, I like how this trope has evolved from the predictable (yet fun) Princess Hours/Goong to the deep sophistication and complex relationship in Search WWW.

7) What is the first thing you notice when watching a kdrama? Cinematography? Music? Visuals of the actors? Plot? Dialogue? etc.

The first thing I notice are visuals and story. I find that KDramas use very different camera angles and composition. The cop shows often have a grey sheen and the romantic comedies often have bright pops of color. And every time there’s a truck of doom I like to dissect how they did it! But story and interesting characters are what keep me glued through 16 episodes. They’re so different from Hollywood TV shows.

8) What advice would you give for new comers to your channel and to kdramas?

If you’re coming from a Western approach to tv series, KDramas are a whole world of fun! I do miss the days of bingeing (at the KThree we watch live so that we can give our thoughts on the newest and most current crop of shows). There are some classic KDramas that a lot of websites say you should start with, but I’ve personally found that KDramas have evolved and there are many newer shows with stronger storytelling and fun approaches. And the great thing is, if you’re not compelled to continue a particular series, you can move onto another one! When I started, I pegged actors that I liked and binged all their other series.

9) You have been doing this for about a year now? What have you learned? What have you valued from the experience? What has been the most fun?

I’ve learned so much about Korean culture and I love it! My family comes from Southeast Asia, from the Philippines, and growing up in Canada in the 70’s and 80’s, Asian representation was practically nil. The Asian actors I saw on TV were heroes to me – George Takei on Star Trek, Myoshi Umeki on The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Kam Fong on Hawaii 5-0. But Asians were never, ever, ever the leads, let alone the romantic leads. And I love being able to chat every week with Jenn and Karen and our KDrama community…it’s really the best!

10) What do you see for the future of TheKThree?

We love that we’ve been able to become part of a global community that loves KDramas. The comments we receive (I run our Instagram) are full of joy in being able to discuss KDramas and hallyu stars. The future for the KThree is to grow the conversation to reach more and more friends who we haven’t yet met, friends who love KDramas!


Thank you Marisa for checking in with us! We loved hearing what you had to say. Lastly. we have Karen which will be posted soon! For now, do you have any questions for Marisa? Do you want more information or background on one of her answers? Do you have any questions for TheKThree as a whole?

We want to hear your thoughts and questions so comment below and look forward to more THE KTHREE interviews soon! BYE!

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