I started this mini series to celebrate The K Three running their YouTube channel and Website for about a year...and HERE WE ARE! On the last member of The KThree...but certainly NOT LEAST!

This week we catch up individually with and/or introduce newcomers to KAREN!


1) Introduce yourselves, first kdrama, why you liked it, what made you watch it in the first place and what about it made you want to check out more kdramas?

Hi! I'm Karen. I first watched 'Bad Guy' with Kim Nam Gil in 2010, as part of research

for portraying the incredibly non-PC casting of me as both Sun and Jin in a musical

parody of the (U.S.) TV show 'Lost'. The idea was to hear the Korean language to add in

a phrase or two to the performance. But there was something about the *longing*

between an unhappily married older woman (Oh Yeon Soo) and our anti-hero (Kim Nam

Gil) that just hooked me! That first trip down the rabbit-hole was short-lived, although I

watched a couple of classics like 'My Name Is Kim Sam Soon' and 'Coffee Prince' at that

time. In 2015, I stumbled across Hyun Bin in 'Hyde Jekyll, Me' on a local Asian

broadcast station and was sucked in again! This time, the fascination stuck, and I've

been watching KDramas ever since.

2) What made you guys want to start TheKThree? What led up to the creation of the channel?

Although I trained and worked as a professional actor, having stepped back from that

career, I was very reluctant to get back in front the camera, especially as myself (not a

character). All credit goes to Jenn for wanting to take our KDrama talk from the "keopi"

shop out to the world. Because it really is just too fun to keep this conversation to


3) Favorite Kdrama Actor and/or Kdrama Actress?

I have to choose?! Fine - if I have to pick just one actor, it's So Ji Sub. Although not my

first KDrama actor crush (see question #1), both his screen presence and personality

off-screen won me over for good. And not because I *also* discovered her in 'Master's

Sun', but I am a big Gong Hyo Jin fan. She brings depth and versatility to her

performances, and I find her characters very engaging to watch because she hits so

many emotional colors with every one.

4) If you had to watch one network and its dramas for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Honestly, I'm more inclined to follow specific actors and watch their next projects. But

since participating in The KThree with Jenn and Marisa, I've paid closer attention to

producing networks. So again, if I *must* choose, I'd go with JTBC, because they create

a wide variety of quality shows.

5) Favorite genre of kdrama and why?

Romance / Comedy or Drama - Because LOVE!

6) Do you have a guilty pleasure trope? If so what and why?

Oh, man - most tropes bug the crap out of me! (Read: Wrist grabs - ugh!!!) But I'll go

with two that always make me giggle, which are both car-related, actually: the dramatic

(and likely illegal) u-turn after an emotional epiphany (!) or the squealing tires in the

underground parking lot as someone peels out with great urgency (!) 5 MPH (= 8


7) What is the first thing you notice when watching a kdrama? Cinematography? Music? Visuals of the actors? Plot? Dialogue? etc.

Performance and story. Visuals don't matter as much if the story is interesting and well-

portrayed, although it can greatly augment storytelling - 'Fantastic', 'Bubblegum', and

'Hotel del Luna' come to mind as having great visuals, too. And of course 'Descendants

of the Sun'. There have been some longer-form dramas that maybe don't have the big

production budget/sponsorship of a 16- or 20-episode drama, but I watched because

their stories and casts appealed to me (e.g., 'Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop';

'You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin!').

8) What advice would you give for newcomers to your channel and to kdramas?

Welcome, jump in, and HAVE FUN!!! I continue to watch KDramas for many reasons,

but ultimately I watch to make me feel something I want to feel, like joy or hope or even

a good, cleansing catharsis! There is such a variety of genres and styles in KDrama, so

watch shows where you can't wait for the next episode. The KThree Weekly Watchlist

conversations focus on currently airing shows, but when I first started watching, I keyed

in on a standout performer from a show I enjoyed, and checked out the rest of his or her body of work.

9) You have been doing this for about a year now? What have you learned? What have you valued from the experience? What has been the most fun?

I learned that "adulting" and keeping up with even 2-3 dramas in a week is quite

challenging! (I know, I know - First World KDrama Fan Problems!) By getting to gab

about shows with our KDrama keopi klatch, I notice elements of a show I didn't before,

by looking through other people's lenses at how a particular show affects or inspires

them. I used to be much more forgiving of certain tropes or character behavior because

"that's just the show" or "that's just KDrama", but my standards have elevated, so I'm

much choosier about what makes my watchlist now. Because KDrama-watching time is


10) What do you see for the future of TheKThree?

Communicating with people around the world to share joy over a loved interest like

KDrama is what the internet is all about. Let's keep the KDrama keopi klatch going!


Thank you so much Karen for sharing your thoughts and answering my questions! Do you guys have any questions for Karen? Do you have any questions for Marisa and/or Jenn? Do you have any questions for The KThree as a whole!?

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