As many of you guys may know (whether you are a reader or watch The KThree's videos), it is NO SURPRISE that The KThree and I LOVE OCN dramas! I may be just a TINY bit obsessed with these dramas. So why do we like OCN dramas so much? What about these dramas keep us coming back for more?

Before we get into the reasons on why we are addicted to OCN dramas, let me give you a little info session about OCN.

OCN is a cable network in South Korea and the OCN is an abbreviation of the full name which is Orion Cinema Network. It mainly started out as a movie channel and has since moved into dramas. It has far less dramas in its history compared to other channels due to it first airing movies but it is slowly working up to making new dramas. (Think of OCN as the HBO of South Korea)

Note: This list does not mean that TheKThree and I do not like other channels and their dramas...just for the purpose of this article, We are going to discuss OCN today.

1) I am addicted to crime dramas and MOST of OCN's dramas tend to steer towards crime.

My Secret Romance

OCN dramas tend to be dark and of the criminal element. Crime dramas are their forte. Revenge storylines are their bread and butter! OCN dramas also have fantasy elements sometimes but again a MAJOR theme is DARK. There is almost a dark element to their dramas. I also get the feeling (and why my comparison to HBO fits) that even though this is a network channel, OCN does seem to show more violence in their dramas compared to other networks. There is just something different and unique about OCN dark crime dramas. Most of the OCN dramas also don't have romance in them. Now this does not mean that ALL the OCN dramas are crime dramas AND that is all. One of example of a drama that is OCN and NOT a crime drama (and does have romance) is My Secret Romance.

2) Cinematography of OCN dramas is SOMETHING ELSE!

It might be because OCN originally was a movie channel but there is something special about their cinematography in kdramas. The network seems to be more experimental in their drama making (both good and bad). I just find myself in awe sometimes when watching OCN dramas because the direction the cinematography goes is something very unexpected and can be outright surprising. We all know how much I love my cinematography so to have an entire network where I can view dramas and analyze the cinematography (again both good and bad), I will fall in love with that network's dramas.

Camera angle shifts diagonally as it zooms out

3) Does not shy away from hard topics or violence.

The reason why I keep comparing OCN to HBO is because I think both networks have the same idea. HBO in America airs content (such as Game of Thrones) that would not be suitable on other networks such as LOTS OF VIOLENCE. OCN also airs content that probably wouldn't do well on any other network. Since OCN tends to air darker and more gritty shows, the violence and disturbing scenes within these dramas are geared more towards viewers who can handle that content. OCN dramas do not shy away from this but I think that is why OCN dramas do so well. OCN does not shy away from showing the harsh reality that crime does have in our world and how horrific and violent some of these crimes are! Voice (a VERY FAMOUS OCN drama) is a perfect example of this.

Most of the crimes in this drama are actually based on real life crimes that happened and OCN chose to keep the violence in the drama to keep the reality of crime intact. This choice was so different compared to other network dramas when Voice season 1 first aired, which is why Voice is still one of the top Korean dramas of all time (ratings wise). OCN are risk takers...some times it works out and some times it does not.

4) Storylines and plots of dramas are unique

Same with when I was talking about cinematography, I think that OCN has more leeway to work with their dramas so the subject matter of their dramas tend to be unique. Who has ever heard of a crime kdrama about a woman who works at a emergency call center who has super hearing which helps with solving crime or an entire kdrama about exorcism and shaminism like they did with The Guest? [Jenn edited: PARK ILLLLL DOOOO!!] Even when the OCN has a fantasy storyline, there is something that is just different from their dramas that make them special. As I said earlier, OCN takes risks.

5) OSTs for OCN dramas are AWESOME

Some of my favorite drama soundtracks are from OCN dramas. As I stated in my first OST article, Crime kdrama OSTs can be VERY unique. Crime dramas use artists that aren't known for OSTs or musical elements that aren't found in other genres of kdramas. Since OCN dramas tend to be dark and crime dramas, their OSTs are very memorable and some of my favorites. The OSTs of OCN dramas tend to go against the grain and are sometimes just as experiemental as the dramas that they are featured in. I even have a OCN drama OST playlist because I am THAT obsessed with the music from these dramas.

6) Some OCN dramas are shorter

Not all of the OCN dramas have the typical 16 episodes. Some of these dramas are 12 episodes long and some are even 10 episodes long. This can be very attractive to a drama watcher because some times the number of episodes overwhelm some drama watchers. I think the number of episodes allow the writers of these dramas to not have to draw out their stories and creates a more condensed and entertaining dramas for watchers.

Those are just some reasons why OCN dramas are appealing to me & The KThree. There are many more but that would be a VERY LONG blog post. If you want to talk OCN dramas with us, just message us on Twitter!

If you have never seen an OCN drama, Here are a few that we recommend & are available subbed:

Voice - Season 1


Watcher - The Kthree watched and reviewed it

Do you like OCN dramas? What have been some of your favorite OCN dramas? Are you as obsessed with OCN dramas as us?

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