Updated: Dec 20, 2020

June is PRIDE MONTH! TheKThree and I want to give attention to the new kdrama Where Your Eyes Linger. Now BL (Boys Love) dramas are nothing new to Asian dramas especially in countries such as Thailand and Taiwan. Even Korea has produced many movies and a few dramas centered around BL.

The new kdrama Where Your Eyes Linger is getting a lot of positive reviews and press because it is one of the first BL kdramas that isn't underground and is accessible to a wider audience on multiple streaming platforms. BL dramas, in general, have seen a surge of popularity in recent years in various countries so it is great to see Korea embracing this and putting out a drama of their own that is accessible to a greater audience.

Now this review will not have any spoilers (as most of our other reviews) because we want you to check it out yourself! Trust us, Celebrate PRIDE MONTH and watch Where Your Eyes Linger! Here are a few things that we loved about this drama, a few points that stuck out to us.


Where Your Eyes Linger stars Han Gi Chan, in his acting debut, and Jang Eui Soo, who you might recognize for his role in He is Psychometric. It is a kdrama that has 8 episodes, 10 mins each so you can binge this VERY EASILY! Han Gi Chan's character is the successor to a company and the son of a rich family and Jang Eui Soo is his unofficial body guard whose job it is to keep him out of trouble and safe. They have been friends and in a platonic relationship for many years but this drama explores when one of them discovers that they have feelings for the other. What happens to their relationship after this discovery?


One thing that stood out to us was the two male leads' chemistry. Both actors have great chemistry with each other which I think makes us love this drama even more. The chemistry jumps off the screen. Both actors seem very comfortable with each other and you can tell that they took this drama seriously, put a lot of hard work into it. Even though this is Han Gi Chan's first role, you can't tell. He is so professional and at ease in front of the camera. Jang Eui Soo is a great actor as well. He acts with his eyes, evoking emotions and thoughts through them which is just amazing to me! It takes a lot of talent to do that. It is fitting that the title is Where Your Eyes Linger because there are a lot of shots of both actors' eyes and they have to evoke emotions and thoughts with just their eyes. Both of these actors sell these roles and make us believe that they are in this relationship and coming to terms with feelings that are discovered.


Even though this is a short webdrama, it is still has kdrama quality cinematography as if it was a full 16 episode kdrama. It just has some beautiful shots! The use of lighting in this drama is also commendable because it gives you both a feeling of an indie webdrama BUT also a full-blown kdrama. There is a nice balance between the cinematography and lighting. I think both enhance the story and the unique, engaging storyline in this drama. It is what gives this drama something unique because Korea really produces some beautiful dramas in general. It is nice that this webdrama also has that same quality because it makes us love the story and message even more. It is a simple but beautiful production. Just because it is a webdrama doesn't mean it can't have high quality and look nice. You can tell the people who worked on this drama cared about it.


THIS KDRAMA HAS A HAPPY ENDING! That is what we love about this short kdrama. Historically BL dramas and movies have not always had happy endings so when we do find one that has a happy ending, WE CELEBRATE IT! Love is beautiful, should be celebrated. Finding that person who makes you happy and comfortable should NOT BE TRAGIC! We love that this kdrama has a happy ending because it is just a sweet drama overall and the happy ending was the cherry on top!

Have you checked out Where Your Eyes Linger yet? If you have, what did you think? Do you want to see more?

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