Due to the success of Where Your Eyes Linger and other BL (boys love) dramas in 2020, It seems like 2021 will see MORE AND MORE of these dramas coming out and being produced from all over Asian Dramaland, not just Korea. Kdramaland have 2 dramas premiering in January 2021 alone. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE MORE OF THESE DRAMAS COMING OUT - maybe even see some GL dramas out in 2021 as well. [YES!! ~ jw]

One fun BL Kdrama that ended in late 2020 was Wish You.

As we do with ALL of our reviews, this will be spoiler free - We are just going to talk about some of the things we love about this drama. Feel free to comment below on what you think about this drama and it's review. Do you agree or disagree? Did you love it? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM ALL OF YOU!


If you have not seen this Kdrama yet, here is a short synopsis of the drama. Lee Sang plays Yoon Sang Yi who works at a major music company in Seoul and is a keyboardist. He comes across Kang In Soo's (played by Kang In Soo) videos on Youtube of him busking in the streets. He likes his talent and becomes one of his fans. Kang In Soo has been busking and singing on the streets for a long time and just wants his big break - to make it his full time career. So when Yoon Sang Yi invites him to sign with his music company, he jumps at the chance. This allows them to start a working relationship which might blossom into something more... You might have seen Lee Sang in previous dramas such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (guest role) and Longing Heart. He is also a member of the Kpop group IMFACT. This drama is Kang In Soo's first Kdrama but he has been on a lot of Korean Variety shows and was a member of the Kpop group MYNAME before it disbanded.


For both actors being relatively new to acting, They both did VERY WELL in this drama. The two lead actors had great chemistry together and seemed very comfortable with each other. The small facial expressions and gestures that they both did for their roles really stood out to me - ESPECIALLY the facial expressions and reactions. I always look out for these because for some reason, I find that actors that do this well, are good actors. The story was still short and could have used more time with episodes and more episodes but the 2 leads did VERY well with what little episodes and story they were given.


As we said in our Where Your Eyes Linger Review, Korea getting into the short BL drama market allows us to get Kdrama level cinematography in short drama form. With Wish You, that is still the case. Yes, We want longer episodes and more episodes for these types of dramas because the story seems rushed (Wish You was no different) BUT THESE DRAMAS ARE GORGEOUS! The night scenes in Wish You were some of my favorite scenes. The ending scene on the roof where the two leads play a duet together was just lit SO WELL and was BEAUTIFUL to look at. This drama again has an indie feel but doesn't skimp on the production.


Given that both leads are both singers, OF COURSE THE OSTS COMING OUT OF THIS DRAMA WOULD BE AMAZING! Both leads were active with the OSTs with this drama, each singing their own song for the drama as well as a duet. They performed some of the OSTs in the drama itself which gave this drama a unique feel to it. It was like a mini concert within the drama itself. You got to see the leads sing together which I think showed GREAT CHEMISTRY between the two actors as well. If you have not heard the OSTs from these dramas yet, do yourself a favor AND GO LISTEN TO THEM RIGHT NOW!

Have you checked out Wish You yet? If you have, what did you think? Do you want to see more? Do you agree with our review?

Stay Safe and Healthy!


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