Korea just keeps giving us QUALITY BL content AND WE LOVE IT! The KThree and I will always support and talk about these dramas because they need to be seen and appreciated. [ABSOLUTELY!! ~ jw] You Make Me Dance was lovely and probably one of my favorite BL Kdramas to come out. What did you guys think? [SAME. Freaking LOVED IT!! ~ jw]

As we do with ALL of our reviews, this will be spoiler free - I am just going to talk about some of the things I loved about this drama. Feel free to comment below on what you think about this drama and it's review. Do you agree or disagree? Did you love it? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM ALL OF YOU!


So, if you have not seen this drama yet, here is a short synopsis of the drama. Chu Young Woo plays Song Shi On, a university student majoring in dance. He is trying to pursue his dream and get a lead role in an upcoming production. Won Hyung Hoon plays Jin Hong Seok, his debt collector. They end up moving in together under the same roof due to an argument and a promise. They form a close bond and their relationship develops from there.



Both actors are relatively new to acting just like most of these BL Korean productions. They all seem to have actors in a lead role where this is their first role ever in a drama.

This is Chu Young Woo's first drama and Won Hyung Hoon's second drama ever. I thought they did well together. They had AMAZING chemistry and felt very comfortable with each other. I MEAN DID YOU SEE THOSE KISS SCENES!!? [😍😈 more please! ~ jw] The 2 actors did well with the story and amount of episodes that were given to them.


I loved how the main relationship developed. This might be because the actors sold it so well. I just thought that there was a lot of initial attraction when they first met. The relationship then developed naturally. It didn't seem forced and was just beautiful to watch. Both of the men in the relationship grew by knowing the other one. The debt collector came out of his shell and realized there was more to life than just a job. I could see that he was sort of rediscovering what he wanted in life and who he was. The dancer gained the confidence to believe in himself and gained the support he needed in his life. IT WAS COMFORTING TO WATCH!


AS ALWAYS, Korea delivered on cinematography. The cinematography in these short BL Kdramas are just SO GOOD and always a highlight. You can tell the production teams care about the dramas they make and treat it as if it is a 16 episode long drama. You Make Me Dance is no different. My favorite scene with cinematography was the scene where Song Shi On was on the stage giving his final performance. The lighting and the darkness around him just made for a beautiful scene, ESPECIALLY when Jin Hong Seok joined him. It was an important part in the drama and stood out to me BECAUSE the cinematography WAS SO GOOD!


I liked that this drama's storyline was a different than any of the other BL Kdramas that we have gotten already. I thought the occupations of both the lead's were so unique and different. It made me curious to watch the drama because I wanted to see how a Debt collector and a dancer would meet and develop a relationship. I like that with every drama we get something new and something that seems to improve on the last one we watch. The different storylines continue to make these dramas a fun watch and makes us want to continue to check them out to see what Korea has come up with next.


The one thing that we did not like was the episode length. We say this with EVERY Korean BL drama that comes out. Either the episodes need to be longer OR there needs to be more episodes in the drama. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE STORY THAT COULD BE TOLD! You Make Me Dance's ending seemed rushed and it felt like the writer thought they HAD to put conflict in at the very end to create a story. We wanted to stay longer with this couple and get more cute scenes. We love that Korea is finally giving a platform for LGBTQ+ content, we just wish it was longer so we had more time with it. [come ON kdrama gods make this happen!! ~ jw]

OVERALL, WATCH YOU MAKE ME DANCE! One of our favorite BL Kdramas and you won't be disappointed AT ALL!

Did you watch You Make Me Dance? What did you think? Are you going to continue watching Korean BL dramas? What would you like to see in a drama next?


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